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What chemical solution to use for cleaning digital camera sensors?

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    Since it is impossible to get certain cleaning solutions (in Canada, at least) like "Eclipse" (methanol) and pure isopropyl alcohol (from drug stores) is adulterated with some kind of greasy oils that leave smear marks behind, I would appreciate some help as to what chemical solutions might be available to do the job? What is required is merely that there be no residue left when cleaning the CCD.
    For instance, I have found 94% pure alcohol (from the government owned SAQ alcohol controlled stores in Quebec). My question is: just what might the remaining 6% contain? and How can I find out what that might be?
    My "long ago an far away" studies in chemistry suggest that that would be H2O; but I am skeptical of the reliability of the SAQ.
    Thanks for any help.
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    If it is for human consumption (and I guess it is), it is quite pure mix of water and ethanol.
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    Thanks Borek,
    Since it comes from the Alcohol Authority, one would assume that, of course. But knowing these greedy b...tards we cannot assume that they have not added some othe garbage.
    But if it is only water, then I would think it would be ok. And considering that if nothing has been added after the distilling process ( I know that after 94% it turns into some other stuff that's not too cool), then we could assume that the water would evaporate with the alcohol.
    As for human consumption, godforbid one should drink this stuff straight... I have had that 151 proof rum straight (I don't recall the brand, but it's a good one)... but then I was a bit out of my mind, though it was good. At the time, anyway.
    I did try cleaning the ccd with Vodka (Moskovskaya) and it worked partially; the 60% water was not pure water... probably leftover potato-peel juice. It left streaks and I had to have it cleaned by "professionals" at break-the-bank rates. Oh, well... Thanks much.
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