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What colleges are fit my criteria?

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    I am looking at colleges right now and I was wondering what other colleges you would suggest. I am looking for a college with a strong undergrad physics program. I got a 1100/1600 (1480/2400) on my SAT's, 3.74/4.0 GPA. I am looking for colleges close to the philadelphia area, but not in the city. So far I have picked out Penn State, Widener, Villanova and Bloomsburg. What colleges do you suggest that fit my needs and are in my academic achivement range?
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    So first, the SAT score is a bit of a weakness compared to the good GPA. If you have the opportunity, work through a test-prep book and try taking it again. There's a good chance you'll get a much better score the next time around, just because you'll be used to the test situation. Also, apparently many highschools are now giving out scores higher than 4.0 for some classes (?), so i'm not exactly sure how far a 3.75 goes these days. Perhaps someone more in-tune with current happenings will know.

    As for colleges, we will have an easier time giving advice if you can provide more information. Here are a few key questions that would help narrow the field:
    Do you prefer a big or small college?
    How intent are you on doing physics?
    Is cost an issue?
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    Do you prefer a big or small college? It doesnt really matter to me, I can adapt easily.
    How intent are you on doing physics? I am sure that I want to do physics.
    Is cost an issue? No cost is not an issue.

    This is second time I took the SATs and I took a class to better my first score which I did. I just dont know why I am doing so bad. That 3.75 is out of 4.0 like before but my weighted GPA is 4.4.

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    Now that I think of it I am not 100% intent on physics because I want to leave my options open in becoming a funeral director
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    I'm not that familiar with the philadelphia area, but here are a few you didn't mention that might be worth looking into:
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