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The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (referred to as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification. It is currently in version 3.1 revision 5.Common Criteria is a framework in which computer system users can specify their security functional and assurance requirements (SFRs and SARs respectively) in a Security Target (ST), and may be taken from Protection Profiles (PPs). Vendors can then implement or make claims about the security attributes of their products, and testing laboratories can evaluate the products to determine if they actually meet the claims. In other words, Common Criteria provides assurance that the process of specification, implementation and evaluation of a computer security product has been conducted in a rigorous and standard and repeatable manner at a level that is commensurate with the target environment for use. Common Criteria maintains a list of certified products, including operating systems, access control systems, databases, and key management systems.

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  1. S

    Is the criteria for the present perfect tense in Warriner's textbook inadequate?

    I have looked up the definitions of the past tense and present perfect tense in John Warriner's magisterial textbook Warriner's English Grammar and Composition. To me, it seems as though Warriner's definition of the present perfect tense is inadequate. Warriner's definition of the past tense...
  2. F

    A Residual of PDEs as convergence criteria of numerical solution

    Use a numerical method to solve a PDE f[u(x),u'(x),...]=0, where f is an operator, e.g. u'(x)+u(x)=0, and obtain a numerical solution v(x). Define f[v(x),v'(x),...] as the residual of the original PDE. Is this residual of the PDE widely used as the convergence criteria of the numerical solution...
  3. A

    The convergence Criteria ratio

    Greetings all I have a question regarding the convergence criteria ratio, abs(an+1/an) or the n√abs(an) when the limit tend to a value less than 1 does it mean the serie is convergent or absolutely convergent? Thank you!
  4. Gekko12

    I Application of failure criteria to viscoelastic materials

    I was wondering if someone can explain how failure criteria work when dealing with viscoelastic materials. I'm quite new to this, so I only know how they work with brittle and ductile materials. (not in too much detail either). And now that I'm at it anyway, if possible an explanation on...
  5. Aymangh994

    According to which criteria should I choose a laser diode?

    Hello everyone, I don't know which laserdiode and lens system should I choose for my Project. It is all about AFM Microscopy with a cantilever ( Length= 450 um, width = 50 um and thickness= 2um). So as you see it is not a small cantilever. As far as I Know, the larger the cantilever is, a larger...
  6. shivajikobardan

    MHB Choosing a Project: My Criteria and Friends' Examples

    My criteria for choosing this project-: ->Should be easy. ->Should be doable in 1.5 months. ->Should not to be too easy and should be just hard enough to be a major project. ->It is a group project but since this is nepal lol mainly 1 person is going to do it. max 2 persons will do this. ->Our...
  7. Demystifier

    A Criteria for a good quantum interpretation

    Matt Leifer gives criteria that any good quantum interpretation should satisfy. http://mattleifer.info/2006/06/28/professional-jealousy/?fbclid=IwAR2wl5kEzcfbn6doA53UMty42JP5dADhA5SDxRjaTMNPkq1i9Ag3WPCwB5Q
  8. Y

    Is this a good exclusion criteria or not?

    I read a study that linked cell phone use to infertility. They monitored 2,110 men from 1993-2007. However, they picked all of their subjects from an infertility clinic, therefore their subjects were already experiencing fertility issues. They tried to correct for this bias by having these...
  9. tworitdash

    A Maximum reception/transmission criteria for Conical Horn Antennas

    I have written a solver for my thesis which determines various parameters of a conical horn antenna for astronomy application. It is done with Mode Matching Technique (MMT) and some Rumsey's integrals for the aperture free space transitions. I have made some goal functions with the solver which...
  10. ibkev

    I What criteria identifies a math operation as a "product"?

    Today I was reading about geometric algebra and a kind of vector product that combines the dot and cross/wedge products together and it got me thinking about the meaning of "product". My math background is from an engineering perspective and I've always just accepted the dot and cross products...
  11. mertcan

    I AICc value derivation (Akaike information criteria for finite samples)

    Hi everyone, initially let me introduce a concept widely used in ARIMA in the following. $$AICc = AIC + \frac {2k^2+2k} {n-k-1}$$ where n denotes the sample size and k denotes the number of parameters. Thus, AICc is essentially AIC with an extra penalty term for the number of parameters. Note...
  12. robphy

    Admissions Ph.D. admissions criteria as predictors? (Science Advances)

    Possibly interesting reading... This article ( https://www.inverse.com/article/52691-gre-scores-are-a-bad-predictor-of-phd-success ) alerted me to the article below. See also: https://phys.org/news/2019-01-gre-students-diversity.html http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/5/1/eaat7550...
  13. S

    Efficient way of picking a subset that fulfills criteria

    Let's say there is a set of n elements, S. P is a subset of S, with m elements, and satisfies some conditions, i.e. c1 < f(P) < c2 and g(P) < c3, where f and g are some functions on the elements of P and c1, c2 and c3 are constants. For practical purposes, S is represented as a sorted array of...
  14. F

    I What is the criteria for bound states

    I read this wiki and some of the references https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bound_state But I can't really understand. For example the electron in hydrogen has specific energies and not general relations that the articles seem to claim. Thanks
  15. Clara Chung

    White light interference pattern and its resolution criteria

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I don't know how to do part d. For di, i know that separation of arm d should be small in order to have spatial coherence. For dii, what is the meaningful criterion, can I say the primary max of blue light lies on the first zero...
  16. Suyash Singh

    Job Selection Criteria: Money versus Happiness

    I am only 17 years old and i need to ask you this should i take a job which gives lot of money but i will start to hate the job eventually or a job that i love ? The job that i love will not make me poor or something but the thing is that i will never be able to buy expensive cars and...
  17. R

    MHB Weighted Criteria and comparing different investments

    I am trying to make a spread sheet that compares different investments (cryptocurrencies). So far each investment has 9 criteria. I have normalized each criteria to be worth 0-5 points. I would like to be able to rank each investment based on their total score depending on different criteria. I...
  18. S

    A Is this operator bounded or unbounded?

    Hi, I have an operator which does not obey the following condition for boundedness: \begin{equation*} ||H\ x|| \leqslant c||x||\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ c \in \mathscr{D} \end{equation*} where c is a real number in the Domain D of the operator H. However, this operator is also not really unbounded...
  19. J

    Stability Analysis for Nyquist Criteria Homework Question

    Homework Statement [/B]Homework Equations Number of encirclements = Number of open loop poles - Number of Close loop poles on Right side of S plane. The Attempt at a Solution There is 1 open loop pole on RHS For Close loop poles I used Routh Herwitz method and got 1 pole on RHS. 1 sign change...
  20. Q

    Polyethylene Products - Quality Criteria

    Hello I have to conduct factory inspections of Polyethylene pipe / fittings manufacturers on behalf of my company. The PE products are to be used in natural gas pipeline network. In order to check conformance to relevant standards / best practices, I have prepared a set of questions to ask...
  21. Daniel Barco

    Where can i find the design criteria of this mechanism

    i need I need to design this mechanism, but have not found the design criteria or how, someone could show me how or where to look. I need to design the mechanism that puts the lid to the product. but not with pneumatic actuators. in the following videos you can see how it works:
  22. S

    Meeting the criteria for a graph

    Homework Statement The cart is initially at rest. The overall goal will be to determine the cart’s acceleration. Plot the data in such a way that: The position is the independent variable, and plotted on the horizontal axis. The acceleration is inversely proportional to the slope. The resulting...
  23. A

    Difference between Lyapunov and linear stability criteria

    Dear all, Consider the connection of two electrical circuits. Both circuits, Z1 and Z2, are stable and only one of them is non-passive. I.e., the eigenvalues are located in the LHP but Re{Z2(jw)}<0 in a frequency range. For studying the closed-loop stability, you represent the linear system by...
  24. RJLiberator

    Unique factoring over E-Primes criteria

    Homework Statement Let E denote the set of positive even integers. An element p ∈ E is called an E-prime if p cannot be written as a product of two elements of E. Determine a simple criteria for when elements of E can be uniquely factored into a product of E-primes. Homework Equations Some...
  25. T

    Criteria for boson and Bose Einstein Condensate

    The answer is given as (a). I want to know the reason. It is a boson. Why can't it form a Bose-Einstein condensate?
  26. H

    MATLAB Matlab ode solvers - adding a separate convergence criteria

    Hi, is there a way to add a user defined convergence criteria to an ode solver so that the solution is stopped?
  27. R

    Admissions Admission criteria for theoretical physics PHD

    What is the most important factors that determine if a candidate can be admitted into top theoretical physics PHD program? Since undergraduate students are most likely not able to produce significant research paper, will universities put more emphasis on GRE and GPA?
  28. D

    How much of the mechanical engineering entails maths?

    I am currently in a gap year, as i wanted to be 100% sure on what UNI course i was going to go for in 2016. I've been looking into mechanical engineering as a possible option, but my main worry was regarding the extent to which 'maths' is used during the course, and during your actual career. I...
  29. R

    Criteria for choosing a substrate for thin films

    Hi guys!, i want to know what are the criteria in choosing a substrate to deposit thin films, like what are the physical and chemical properties of the substrate to be compatible in depositing thin films?
  30. D

    Homogeneity criteria (Thermodynamics)

    Homework Statement The problem is this one: Consider a monocomponent fluid, isolated and in equilibrium, a) Find the homogeneity criteria that must fulfill the number of microstates Ω(U,V,N). b) If Ω(U,V,N)=exp(a*Vα*Uβ) when a>0 use the result in a to find the condition that have to fulfill...
  31. D

    What is the Den Hartog Criteria for Tuned Mass Dampers?

    Homework Statement I have been searching online but I am unable to find a site that explicitly states the Den Hartog criteria for a tuned mass damper. What is the Den Hartog criteria? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  32. H

    Stability criteria of heat-like equation

    I know that the criterion of stability for an explicit solution to the heat equation: \frac{\partial T}{\partial t}=D\frac{\partial^2 T}{\partial x^2} is \Delta t <\frac{1}{2}\frac{\Delta x^2}{D} however, what is the stability criterion for an equation of the form \frac{\partial T}{\partial...
  33. J

    Question On Effects of Changing Criteria Of Pulleys

    1.What would be the effect of the following factor on the maximum power that can be transmitted. (give reasons for your answers) Increasing the included angle of the pulley groove. 2. What would be the effect on the following if the load torque is increased and the speed maintains constant? The...
  34. marellasunny

    Criteria for choosing short-range wireless:RF/bluetooth/zigbee

    I am a mechanical engineer with little/no knowledge of wireless communication protocols.I have the need to transfer serial data from my Arduino(microcontroller) to my PC. Steering wheel sends serial data upon request from Arduino-> Arduino receives this serial data -> (wireless protocol...
  35. Seydlitz

    Criteria for instructive problems in self-study

    Hello guys, I hope you all have happy holiday! This question crops up to my mind often when I read through threads in PF. One of the most common points for books recommendation is because of good and instructive problems in them. For specific example, WannabeNewton in this thread is very...
  36. P

    Possible criteria or parameters for planetary collision?

    Possible "criteria" or parameters for planetary collision? Suppose a computer model were created to simulate two proto-type planets on a collision course (for example, the Earth-Moon collision in the Hartman theory of the Moon formation). We know that the Moon is spiraling outwards (tidal...
  37. A

    Can Observers See the Future in Relativity?

    Hi guys, I've recently started studying relativity and I thought I was on a good path but I got a little confused with some concepts. I've red a lot about the Andromeda paradox, the train and tunnel experiment and so on so I'll present my question in a way related to those topics. In my...
  38. Math Amateur

    MHB Polynomial Rings - Irreducibility - Proof of Eisenstein's Criteria

    I am reading Dummit and Foote Section 9.4 Irreducibility Criteria. In particular I am struggling to follow the proof of Eisenstein's Criteria (pages 309-310 - see attached). Eisenstein's Criterion is stated in Dummit and Foote as follows: (see attachment) Proposition 13 (Eisenstein's...
  39. marcus

    Criteria for causal independence (new paper, Planck data)

    I don't know whether this has much general interest. I am interested by communication horizons in cosmology, or causal horizons if you prefer. This paper claims to study several cases including how far apart two quasars would have to be to have been out of contact ever since the end of the...
  40. P

    Resolution and Rayleigh's Criteria

    When working problems using Rayleigh's Criteria: θmin=1.22 [λ/D] Why do the answers come out in radians? I'm sure it has something to do with the aperture being circular but I don't understand why. Thanks!
  41. M

    Criteria of periodic boundary condition

    We used to apply periodic boundary condition to simulate an infinite system. What will happen if the interactions between atoms do not drop to zero even when they are infinitely far away? Is the periodic boundary still valid? How can I prove the periodic boundary condition is valid or not? thanks.
  42. S

    Criteria for Solving this equation

    Is it possible to solve this equation in terms of H without knowing any numbers? If so what method would I use? If I had numbers I think I could solve it numerically in excel. It's been a few years since I was in school and am fairly (very) rusty: H^5 -10*L*H^4 +25*L^2*H^3 -25*Q^2/K^2 = 0...
  43. U

    Is Decreased Internal Energy Essential for Spontaneous Reactions?

    Homework Statement Why a spontaneous process is accompanied by a decrease in internal energy? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I know that ΔH and ΔG will be negative for a spontaneous process
  44. M

    Criteria for a power series representation?

    I've used many different power series representations of functions and seem to always take it for granted that functions which are "nice" and continuous have such a representation. But what is the criteria for a function to have a power series representation? I know of some that don't, but...
  45. B

    Number of Tests and Accuracy. Criteria?

    Hi, All: I have the following problem: My department head wants to accurately estimate class attendance, as a measure of the effectiveness of my teaching. For that, I used to take attendance weekly, i.e., once each week, selecting the day at random, from which I would construct...
  46. P

    Primality Criteria for Wagstaff numbers

    \text{Let} ~ W_p ~ \text{be a Wagstaff number of the form :} W_p = \frac{2^p+1}{3}~, \text{where}~p>3 \text {Let's define }~S_0~ \text{as :} S_0 = \begin{cases} 3/2, & \text{if } p \equiv 1 \pmod 4 \\ 11/2, & \text{if } p \equiv 1 \pmod 6 \\ 27/2, & \text{if} ~p \equiv 11 \pmod {12}...
  47. fluidistic

    What Are the Best Approximations for Small Oscillations in Classical Mechanics?

    I'm not sure where to post this question. In classical mechanics many problems are simplified in the approximation of "small angles" or "small oscillations". Wikipedia gives the following criteria or approximations: \sin \theta \approx \theta. \cos \theta \approx 1 - \frac{\theta ^2}{2} \tan...
  48. M

    ODE, Establish criteria for f in Range(L)

    Homework Statement Let Z={x: {0,1,..,5} → ℝ^n} (column vector with real entries) and define T:Z→ℝ^n by Tz = z(0) - z(5). Let X = Ker(T) and let Y={y: {0,1,..,4}→ℝ^n}. Define L:X→Y by (Lx)(t) = x(t+1) - Ax(t) where A is an invertible matrix. Establish criteria for f in Range(L)...
  49. M

    Establish criteria for f in the Range(L)

    So..here's the problem: Let Z={x: {0,1,..,5} → ℝ^n} (column vector with real entries) and define T:Z→ℝ^n by Tz = z(0) - z(5). Let X = Ker(T) and let Y={y: {0,1,..,4}→ℝ^n}. Define L:X→Y by (Lx)(t) = x(t+1) - Ax(t) where A is an invertible matrix. Establish criteria for f in Range(L). I...
  50. F

    Consultation with field for multiple criteria

    Gentlemen, I have a subform with the following fields: name of the step, the scheduled date, place and date rescheduled date. I'm having trouble making a statement in a query that has the following criteria: need to know what the step is smaller than today's date between the date scheduled...