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What courses are you studying this semester?

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    My school's semester started this morning. Here's my current (undergraduate) courseload, and textbooks.

    (graduate) Statistical Mechanics 1 (Pathria)
    (graduate) Adv. Electricity & Magnetism 2 (Jackson)
    (graduate) Quantum Mechanics 2 (Sakurai)
    (graduate) Matrices & Linear Operators 2 (Lax; Horn & Johnson)
    (graduate) Analysis 4 (topics, geometry of Banach spaces; no text)
    (graduate) Algebra 2 (Dummit & Foote)
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    No responses yet. I'm guessing no one else starts school this early in January?
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    I thought you were a nerd, but damn! :tongue2:

    I recall there already being a thread on this subject for this semester. Anyway, here is what I am taking, and my semester starts on the 16th of January.

    Number Theory
    Advanced Calculus 2
    Intro Differential Geometry
    Russian 2

    Also, I will be preparing for the GRE Math subject test.


    yep, here is the thread: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=146086
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    I've got exams for the current semester starting in a few weeks on:
    Advanced Quantum Theory
    Differential Geometry
    Complex Analysis.

    After that, I'll be taking:
    Quantum Field Theory
    Black Holes
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