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Homework Help: What Data Transmission Media should I choose?

  1. Feb 21, 2010 #1
    I need to connect 2 building. They're separated more than 30 KM. And they want to get a high transmission rate (between 2 Mbps until more than 155 Mbps). The transmission must not get disturbed by electromagnetic wave at all. The budget is not a problem.

    What media should I choose? And why should I choose that media?
    If the interference and other disturbance issue is allowed just for a little, what would be the best alternative beside the 1st chosen media?
    If they prefer to the operational cost rather than investment cost, what media is suitable? (Assume that there's no TV cable company in that city)

    Please give u'r suggestion.. Thx.. :smile:
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    Google for how various companies solve this solution all the time. You're looking at different types of cables, their capacities, and they're insulation.

    Structured cabling is a good place to start.
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