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Which path should i follow and is a minor worth it?

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    I am currently in engineering (Electrical Eng), but i already have issues with which stream i should focus on, right now these are my interests are:

    digital electronics, software/hardware,energy system:control, and energy system:high power.

    As anyone i want to secure a decent job and to enjoy what i do. But i want to continue on both electronics and software, but energy systems have very promising jobs, mainly with transmission and hydro.

    So i am at a cross-path, i am not so sure which one to go into, but the university would allow me to follow two streams (eg. digital electronics and software eng) at the same time and would allow me to choose which degree i want at the end.

    But here comes another problem, a minor..most minors they offered did not interest me, but recently they introduced a new one "Engineering Business".

    if i decide to have a minor in "Engineering Business" i would have to take economics courses, but most are at a 2nd to 4th year level, which would replace the elective courses i have currently chosen (most are 1st year [want a better average :) ]).

    so i have two questions at the end, which streams should i follow? and is a minor worth getting it?
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    can anyone help? :(
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