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What determines whether or not a matrix is stable?

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    Basically, I'm having difficulty understanding the concept of stability, I have reread the chapter in my book various times, but to no avail. Can anybody give a very brief overview in simplified terms as to what determines whether or not a matrix is stable. Thanks.
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    matt grime

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    You're posting this in the algebra section. So do you mean things like stability conditions of representations of quivers? I doubt it. What topic do you really mean?
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    Judging from your earlier post: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=1301361#post1301361 ...

    you want to find the stability in terms of the eigenvalues [tex]\lambda[/tex] of an [tex]n\times n[/tex] matrix [tex]A[/tex].

    In which case, you first step is to compute the determinant of [tex]\Delta[/tex]; the characteristic equation given by [tex]\Delta=A-\lambda I[/tex].
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