What do black holes look like?

  1. They have to have some color, yeah?
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  3. No, why would you think they have color when they are called "black"??? To have color a thing has to radiate. Black holes may do Hawking Radiation but that certainly could not be called a color and they do not otherwise radiate (the ACCRETION DISK may radiate but that is outside the BH).

    What DO they look like? They look like a hole in space. A black hole. See how simple some things are?
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    Yeah, you can't "see" one. The predominant colour, which comes from the accretion disc rather than the hole itself, is gamma/X-ray.
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    According to this website, black is a color.

    ps. Black holes look like the eye of the bird that smacked into my window this morning. I held her for at least half an hour before she flew away. She was quite stunned by her near instantaneous deceleration.
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    Clever, my son... fiendishly clever. You have, however, overlooked the cause of your doom. (Where is the smilie for wringing one's hands in evil glee?)
    The colour or lack thereof regarding a black hole is irrelevant. Since it (the singularity) is literally a "mathematical point" of zero size, it is too small to be seen. :tongue:
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    A black hole singularity need not be a point, see Kerr black holes. With regards to its near thermal black body nature, see the discussion here: http://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/61582/is-a-black-hole-a-perfect-black-body

    A black hole has a very precise, mathematical definition which, unfortunately, will be too difficult to understand if you have never studied GR. This wiki article describes things rather well without using much math: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole#Properties_and_structure
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    Unfortunately, I don't believe in "mathematical points" of zero size.

    That would yield an infinity.

    And I don't believe in that either.

    And I need a new brain. The image of my birds eye looks nothing like a black hole...

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    See this paper by Bill Ames, for a complete analysis.
  10. The top image from this website is '..a general relativistic visualization of a supercomputed magneto-hydrodynamic simulation of a disk and jet around a black hole.'-

  11. All you need to know is that the milky way goes into a black hole. Just like..you know... :wink:
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