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What do i need to know to write browser addons?

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    I've been thinking about writing a Chrome or Firefox (preferably both) browser add-on that would initially make things easier for me (i have some ideas and things that i'd like to implement for some sites) and hopefully i'll be able to help others if i'm able to publish my work on the respective online stores.

    My background: I've learned about C programming in my Bachelor Engineering course and dabbled a little into C++ but that's about it. I've been looking for advice from web developers or browser add-on developers who might be able to recommend the learning path that i should take. From my research, it seems to me that the next step would be to learn JavaScript and Web Design? Is that correct? Or should i learn some intermediary programming language in order to ease my transition to the harder coding languages? What are some good online resources/sites or books that i could start exploring/reading? I'm really just trying to figure out the best approach instead of just dropping by a bookstore and picking up books without really knowing the proper path to build my knowledge so that i don't end up hitting a wall eventually while writing or trying to improve my browser add-on.

    Any help, guidance and recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I am sure that firefox has an active developer community, public forums etc, that operates mainly within the open source environment.
    Chrome also to some lesser extent.
    You should look those up and join in if you want, I can't give links right now, I am about done for today.
    If for some reason you can't find them, then post back, I'll see if I can help.
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