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I What do you call a parallelepiped that isn't a cube?

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    I was curious what you would call a parallelepiped that isn't a cube and isn't a rectangle and isn't just a rhombohedron? Here is my problem...I need to describe an oblique/tilted parallelepiped but if I just say 'parallelepiped' that would include a cube or rectangle (which I am not referring to). Should I just say oblique parallelepiped? Thank you!
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    I think parallelepipeds are a subset of Prisms. I need a subset of a parallelepiped. But thank you.
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    Here's some more definitions to consider:


    It looks like though you'll have to use some adjective in front of parallelepiped to describe what you mean like perhaps a non-rectangular parallelepiped which excludes square and rectangular faces.

    You quest is similar to describing the set of real numbers without integers. There may be no proper term for it as there is no obvious need to define it.
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