Cube Definition and 10 Discussions

In geometry, a cube is a three-dimensional solid object bounded by six square faces, facets or sides, with three meeting at each vertex.
The cube is the only regular hexahedron and is one of the five Platonic solids. It has 6 faces, 12 edges, and 8 vertices.
The cube is also a square parallelepiped, an equilateral cuboid and a right rhombohedron. It is a regular square prism in three orientations, and a trigonal trapezohedron in four orientations.
The cube is dual to the octahedron. It has cubical or octahedral symmetry.
The cube is the only convex polyhedron whose faces are all squares.

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  1. M

    B Why cubic?

    Why is a third degree polynomial called a cubic polynomial? I just don’t see the connection between 3 and a cube.
  2. P

    Misc. Display built with a rotating cube design

    Hello everyone, I want to build a rotating display cube (will be mounted on a wall, those cubes that has shops logos ect..), my problem is that I don't know where to start and how to attack the rotating mechanism. I have a 1400Rpm moteur (and it's a 1m per 1m cube that weights around 120kg-150kg...
  3. premraj59

    Flux linked with lower face of a cube

    Homework Statement A point charge q is placed inside a cube of side 2a. What will be the flux associated with the lower surface ABCD? Homework Equations I think I can apply Gauss Law here, but can't think of something connecting it with the lower surface. ∫B.dl = 1/ε° X Charge Enclosed The...
  4. J

    Maximum and minimum speeds in a moving cube

    Homework Statement A rigid cube in the figure moves in space. At a certain time ##t## its front face ##ABCD## is vertical and the velocity of vertex ##A## is vertical down ##v## while the velocity of its vertex ##D## makes an angle with the vertical and has magnitude ##v_{2}## while lying on...
  5. Ari

    How to find period of a SHM concerning a cube and spring?

    1. Homework Statement The 4.00 kg cube in the figure has edge lengths d = 8.00 cm and is mounted on an axle through its center. A spring ( k = 1400 N/m ) connects the cube's upper corner to a rigid wall. Initially the spring is at its rest length. If the cube is rotated 4.00° and released, what...
  6. Jay Macarus

    I Calculate the distance between two cleaved crystals

    Hey guys, can't seem to make sense of this question from phys. It goes.. "A crystalline solid consists of atoms stacked up in a repeating lattice structure. Consider a crystal as shown in Figure a. The atoms reside at the corners of cubes of side L = 0.200 nm. One piece of evidence for the...
  7. D

    Electric Flux through Cubical Surface Enclosing Sphere

    Homework Statement A uniform charge density of 700 nC/m3 is distributed throughout a spherical volume of radius 6.00 cm. Consider a cubical Gaussian surface with its center at the center of the sphere. [reference picture] What is the electric flux through this cubical surface if its edge...
  8. Thiru07

    How do I approach this problem? (Cubes within a larger cube....)

    Homework Statement A cube of 8cm x 8cm x 8cm is divided into smaller cubes of 1cm x 1cm x 1cm and all the smaller cubes are numbered and arranged to form the larger cube. The smaller cubes are numbered such that the number on the cube represents the smallest volume enclosed by extending the...
  9. Blockade

    Need help in Electric Flux within a cube with Gauss' Law

    Homework Statement I need help in figuring out if I have done this problem correctly. From what I understand ∫E * dA = E*A, where E is the electric field and A is the area of a side. My biggest concern is if I can plug in the length "L" for the "x" and "z" variables within "E = -5x * E0/L i +...
  10. RaulTheUCSCSlug

    I Normalizing Constant 3D Infinite Well

    For time independent Schrodinger's equation in 3-D Where Enx,ny,nz=(nx/Lx2+ny/Ly2+nz/Lz2)(π2ħ2/2m and Ψnx,ny,nz=Asin(nxπx/Lx)sin(nyπy/Ly)sin(nzπz/Lz) How do I normalize A to get (2/L)^3/2? I don't think I understand how to normalize constants.