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Engineering What do you do with a computer engineering degree?

  1. Dec 21, 2011 #1
    What are some example careers? What do you usually do? Hardware? Make computers?
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    To my knowledge, hardware-oriented stuff like making CPUs and GPUs so yes, making computers. Just to be clear, making computers is not the same thing as building computers. Making computers means to build the parts whereas building computers is to assemble the parts like LEGO built by Computer Engineers. There is also a software component but to a lesser extend than Software Engineering. Computer Engineering resembles Electrical Engineering more than Software Engineering but is somewhere between the two (but closer to Electrical Engineering like I said).
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    Computer engineering is a mix of electrical engineering and computer science.

    You can make computer components, but I think some of the more interesting jobs I've heard of out there are available to computer engineers are embedded software. Programming devices that use computer chips in some way (which is everything). Living in the Flint/Detroit area I've heard a lot about auto industry related positions where computer engineers can get jobs. Maybe not now, but I'm sure the skills for embedded software are transferrable.

    Never actually worked them though. Most of what I've done are generic IT jobs.
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