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Calculators What do you think about this graphing calculator?

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    Its quite a good calculator,
    although i would personally recommend a Ti-84+
    yes TI s have a steep learning curve especially if you originate from a casio background but you will get used to it i suppose =)
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    Nice calc, but every math class I have taken, and have witnessed are all TI based. Getting a TI will make it much easier in finding specific keys by asking the professor, because he will most likely have the same model.
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    MotoH is absolutely right.

    When I was looking to buy a calculator, I was torn between and HP 50G and the TI-89 Titanium. A friend of mine who is getting his masters degree in mechanical engineering told me that I should, without a doubt, go with the TI-89. He said given that TI's are pretty much the standard calculator used in academia, you'll have no trouble finding help from teachers or students when you need it. Not so with HP's.
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    turns out to be true about the ti-89
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