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What do you think humans would evolve into

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    from all the pollution like noise from load musics and the suns radiation humans would loose the ability to hear, feel and see, maybe our brain would function like our senses like having mental telepathy or something. what do you think?
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    (it's Paris Hilton)
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    Having just watched idiocracy last night, I'm not so sure. :smile:

    Much as we are now, our intelligence will probably drift slightly higher, but not much, we may well get taller because of better diet. Our limbs may grow proportionately. But to be frank in 300,000 years time there isn't any reason to believe we will look all that different from how we are now. In a million, well fairly similar, a billion? Who knows, all depends on where and what we develop.
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    jim mcnamara

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    Humans are xenophobic to some degree. People who have a lot of common traits, including culture, tend to live together.

    So if we have "mutants" which would be what is required by our understanding of evolution, then they would probably be forced live in the sewers (my son watches Futurama). So they would not be part of the mainstream, Paris Hilton notwithstanding.
    When they wanted to become "us" they'd have to bump us off one way or another.

    I think the remaining Paris Hilton's would resent any attempt at bumping off.
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    I doubt it, any mutation would be treated much the same as it is now. In the West with some sort of sympathy mostly, in other countries according to their cultures, ie abandoning at birth or freak shows, putting them in homes, sympathy and so on. That said any non physical mutation that was beneficial, would be studied much the same as it is now. Like the genes that grant relative immunity to AIDS and The Black Death. If it was a some sort of spooky mental powers, then you can be sure the military would probably have it analysed to see where it could use it.

    Futurama, hehe, love that series.
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    I personally don't think that we will last long enough to find out.
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    From the initial question involving exposure to loud noises and an intolerance for solar radiation, I can only surmise that we're all going to become... Edgar Winter.
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    If this is the future of our species...........why should we even try anymore??!!????:rolleyes:
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    :rofl: I LOVE that movie. I always recommend it to people. One of my all-time favorite speculative fiction movies.
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    I don't think we'd lose those senses because we're irritated by other things from time to time. Vision and hearing are very important to us.

    Hopefully we'll evolve better livers so we can drink what we want without risk of dying and perhaps our bodies will adapt more to a sedentary lifestyle that is becoming increasingly more popular/unavoidable.
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    This may have been discussed previously somewhere on PF in the past. The article quatoes an evolutionary theorist who speculates that humans will break into two species: one would be tall, good-looking, and smart; the other, "goblin-like" and dim-witted.


    Hmmm, a little too speculative to be taken seriously, but amusing nonetheless.
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    Great movie. It's so very true. More true than many may think it is.
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    Yeah I just happened to catch it by chance. I'm paraphrasing here:

    It's the electrolytes that are important to make the plants grow!

    What are electrolytes?

    They're what makes the plants grow. :confused:

    Have you tried water?

    What out of the toilet?

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    We'll probably evolve slowly into machines. Hope you paid Gates for the new virus protection.
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    Microsoft Condoms 2.04b: they look good, but they have a lot of holes in them.
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    Everytime I bring out a condom my girlfriend mentions the words micro and soft.
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    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Glad you all are laughing. I'm getting a complex.
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    :rofl: maybe you just need a little more ram. and make sure not to run Quicktime.
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