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What do you think of digital information being able to be stored in DNA

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    Hi this is my first post so i hope its ok :).

    I was wondering what are others opinions on this ? ?


    Have you ever wanted to be a human usb ? ?

    Personally i don't see where this could go if they were able to start storing large amounts of data what would they store ? why ?

    What are you're thoughts on this ?

    Just thought it was interesting and i have not seen anyone's else's opinion on this yet.

    If i did anything wrong here i do apolegise again its my first post.
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    It is just another step in storage technology. 25 years ago, floppy disks with 1.4 MB were state of the art, and hard drives had less than 100 MB I think. Today, you can store ~30GB in a fraction of their volume (SD cards), and 1 TB is a usual size for hard drives.

    You probably don't need a DNA storage for your home computer (if you read this in 2030: Feel free to laugh), but research experiments, search engines, and some companies can easily generate thousands of TB of data.

    Edit: This plot suggest an increase in storage capacity by a factor of 10 every 5 years.
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