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B What do you think of the "Now Hypothesis"?

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    I just read the following article about a book by Richard Muller.
    What do you all think of it? Is this really a new idea?

    "I think that only now can we finally understand the concept of now. In cosmology, we think of the expanding universe as the continuous creation of new space; the universe continues to grow as the space between galaxies increases. That recognition makes it plausible that in the ongoing expansion, the universe is creating not only new space but also new time. Each newly created moment is what we refer to as now. Let's call this the "Now Hypothesis.""
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    Although it is written by a professor of physics, this is a pop science article (and the book it refers to is a pop science book), not an actual scientific paper or textbook. So it is not really a good reference for actual science discussion. If you can find an actual scientific paper or textbook where this hypothesis is discussed as an actual scientific theory--i.e., something that makes predictions that can be tested, and which aren't simply the same predictions made by current theories--please start a new thread referencing that. This thread is closed.
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