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Medical What exactly is blood pressure?

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    I have just been to the doctors and had my blood pressure taken. My blood pressure was 106 over 66 and the time before it was 98 over 72. The doctor said it was low, but what exactly does low blood pressure mean? and why does it keep changing?
    Also how many times is your heart suppose to beat in a minute, mine was 78. is that normal?
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    oh come off it, Sofie, there's obviously nothing to worry about, or your doctor would have said so! :rolleyes:

    different people have different blood pressure, and it changes a little every time it's taken

    (if your doctor had measured you on his fantastically accurate height machine :tongue2:, and had told you that you were of lower than average height, would that worry you?)

    stop trawling the internet, and go out and enjoy the sunshine! :smile:
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    Re: what is exactly is blood pressure?

    Your blood pressure is a bit low, but it is not low enough to be considered "low blood pressure". Yours is not in an unhealthy range, it could actually mean that you are very fit.

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