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What field of engineering would be approproate for me

  1. Mar 18, 2012 #1
    I am a student of electrical engineering (Electronics and communication 4th year,to be specific).

    Ever since my childhood, I have always had great interest in Mathematics,especially about thinking how to solve a problem and why something is like this and not that.Later on in my intermediate I realized that I like Physics to the same extent.I now think that I like any subject that makes use of Mathematics,logic,reasoning and are analytic in nature.I thought engineering also has some fields that could interest me.

    However,I think I'm very bad in lab or in practical aspect of engineering.
    At this stage I have found that I have interest in 2 major fields of electrical engineering
    1-Antenna and Propagation
    2-Image processing

    However,I think that I cannot deny that there are other fields in computer engineering that can interest me and even to an extent greater than that of the fields mentioned above.

    I'm basically expecting your help for my graduate education.Which one of the above two suits me? or I should not only be confined to above two or there is another field that you can suggest me which you think suits me.

    I want suggestion regarding what I should do?
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    have you checked out engineering science? most of which in the uni I'm in is about modeling engineering systems with computers.
    It would need lots of maths, and some stats and programming (all engineers and physicist should know how to programme anyway...)

    as to choosing one of the two fields, image processing seems to suit you better by the sound of it
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    Thank you for the suggetion
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