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What happens to electron wave as it travles to light speed

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    everyone knows that if an electron travels close to light speed, they gain mass, but how about the wave side of things? since gravity and electromagnetism are 2 completely different things (is gravity and magnetism both waves?)

    would the electron wave traveling close to light speed be not affected?
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    No they do not. They gain energy.

    Decades ago there was a concept of relativistic mass which is simply energy divided by the speed of light squared, but this concept is not used any more.

    This has nothing to do with gravity or electromagnetism.
    They are both interactions, it does not make sense to ask if interactions are waves (incompatible categories: "is blue a road?").
    Affected by what?
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    It also needs to be pointed out de Broglie's hypothesis was consigned to the dustbin of history when Dirac came up with his transformation theory late 1926 - probably sooner since it birthed Schroedinger's wave mechanics - but that too was overthrown - or rather shown to be part of a more comprehensive theory. The 1926 theory of Dirac is basically QM as we know it today and that is not based on matter waves. These days its known to be the most reasonable extension to standard probability theory that allows continuous transformations between so called pure states - but discussing that is a whole new thread. Suffice to say its got nothing to do with matter waves which are as dead as the Do Do, expect of course for the very important study of the history of QM. In fact that's the reason it still hangs around - most textbooks (not all - but most) take a semi historical approach but don't then emphasise the ideas that birthed QM are, at best viewed totally differently, and actually WRONG.


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