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What if one species evolve throughout time without interruption?

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    hihi :)

    new here...
    and hope to disccuss on question that have came up afer watching some documentaries about evalution

    hypothetically...if one planet can support and sustain various life
    without mass extinction...
    the planet is stable without extrame ice age
    no 10 million years extrame warm and 100 million years ice cold...

    the climate and environmental changes will not drive much effect on species like earth
    and species and life can evolve without interruption throughout the planet course
    1-2 billions of years...
    well they will be wars and killing between species
    and extinction will occure ...
    natual selection in another form...

    will they be intelligent?how intelligent will they be ?
    or will life just be so stable that life will not need to be smart ?
    what will life be like ?
    what will be planet look like ?

    hope to hear from u guys :)

    thanks :D
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    Obviously it's impossible to speak with absolute authority here, but my guess would be that you'd have one single-cell species dominate sea, then land. At some point, there would be a random mutation that would allow for an advantage for the new mutant, possibly by eating its neighbour...

    In short, I think you'd have a planet choked with plants, algae, bacteria and viruses, but with a variety of strategies to consume each other, or compete for essentials such as sunlight on land, and various nutrients in the water. As long as you have random mutation, eventually you should have competition, and boom, away it goes.

    Your last questions don't become easier to answer given your initial conditions, I'm sorry to say.
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    Do you have a species in mind? Bacterial? Eukaryotic? Archean? You cant have life with out bacteria or archea, cant have eukaryotes with out both of them, and you probably cant have intelligence without internalized energy production(eukaryotes). So we basicly need one more parameter, what species are you gonna start with.
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    well..1st sorry to come up with such a general sinario and question

    the idea of the question is just to imagine the outcome of one species
    i have non in perticular at the time ...
    i am not a bio student ?:P
    so was just asking in general...
    which type of species in our knowledge have the capability
    to evolve throughout time ?
    is said given enought time any species can change...
    maybe my question focus to
    if a species give no time limit and no mass extinction and a stable enviroment
    will it become or gain intellegent ?
    ect Bacterial...is can survive in vitually anywhere any condition
    but unlikely to gain intellegent...is it possible over time it will ?
    another ect is cephalopod which is said to be smart in comparison,but will it gain a civilization ? or will monkey do ? as human have done?
    and if the whole plante is cover with vegetation plants does it means no complex life will evolve?
    and maybe only species that is on top of the food chain have the chance to become socially cultual ?
    or can adaptive radiation kicks in if the plante is constant ?
    and evolution takes another path which the batter is not only survival of the fittest?
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    As I see it, you envision an environment that is truly stable and occupied by ONE species.
    Will this species evolve intelligence? Possibly, in time, but it is just one possibility out of many.
    Consider this though; What if the original species (think humans) is already a sexually reproducing intelligent organism in the stable environment? But then within the intelligent population, the less intelligent organisms are selected and the species evolves to be less intelligent, "simpler". Therefore, the once intelligent species evolves into big brutes that just eat, bounce around, and reproduce (think complex bacteria??). Point being, there is no reason why intelligence should evolve in a species unless the intelligence trait is beneficial to SURVIVAL. If the conditions are so stable that survival is ensured, a consuming less energy might be a reason for smaller simpler brains. The brain uses "a ton" of energy, something like 20% of the bodies oxygen, so it's reasonable to assume the simpler brain would be a beneficial trait.

    Humans are intelligent and social because we stand a better chance against the environment as a collective unit. Generally humans are relatively weak compared to many other mammals and reptiles, but with the use of technology and society, like spears, public transportation and computers we are a force to be reckoned with. It definitely helps to be the dominant species on earth if you plan to create a global network of communication and transportation.
    It wouldn't be wise to have Wooly Mammoths trampling our power lines, or napping on the nice warm asphalt of the freeway onramp. Or saber tooth tigers picking off lil'kids at the park. So we Xtincted 'em.
    General things for you to look into: natural selection, intelligence, mutations, evolution, populations, ecological niches,

    Going off on a tangent, I feel like the evolution of technology could be a very apt analogy for biological evolution. Faster, stronger, better, niches etc.
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