What is a good graphing calculator?

  1. Something that will take me through AP Calc to the most crazy Physics or Math work that can be done....

    I don't use a calculator as a crutch, but I would like something that I can fall back on for common equations or problems. If it simplifies radicals I will be overjoyed.
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  3. 1. HP 50G :devil:

    2. TI-89 :yuck:

    3. Casio 9860G :smile:

    Go grab yourself the Casio model its so much cheaper than TI and HP brands. The above two are twice expensive, yet more complex to use for beginneers.

  4. What i I am asking is ... Ok I need a graphic calculator
    Is it worth it to shell out the $$$ for TI-89 now to future proof or get a TI-83 and buy a TI-89 if I need one....
  5. TI-89 not worth the extra $$$...

    TI-83 overpriced, old and too slow.

    Casio vs TI Graphing Calculator Comparison:

    Try looking into this comparison chart as you can see the Casio 9860G outperforms the TI-83 in every category, and almost neck to neck when compared to the TI-89. If you wanted the Speed and the Performances of the TI-89 but with the price tag less than the TI-83 then go with the Casio model. It has a 15 MHZ CPU just like the TI-89 so you know you're getting a powerful Graphing Calculator here. :rolleyes:

    Casio FX-9860G video:
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