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Calculators What is a good graphing calculator?

  1. Sep 29, 2008 #1
    Something that will take me through AP Calc to the most crazy Physics or Math work that can be done....

    I don't use a calculator as a crutch, but I would like something that I can fall back on for common equations or problems. If it simplifies radicals I will be overjoyed.
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    1. HP 50G :devil:

    2. TI-89 :yuck:

    3. Casio 9860G :smile:

    Go grab yourself the Casio model its so much cheaper than TI and HP brands. The above two are twice expensive, yet more complex to use for beginneers.

  4. Oct 6, 2008 #3
    What i I am asking is ... Ok I need a graphic calculator
    Is it worth it to shell out the $$$ for TI-89 now to future proof or get a TI-83 and buy a TI-89 if I need one....
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    TI-89 not worth the extra $$$...

    TI-83 overpriced, old and too slow.

    Casio vs TI Graphing Calculator Comparison:

    Try looking into this comparison chart as you can see the Casio 9860G outperforms the TI-83 in every category, and almost neck to neck when compared to the TI-89. If you wanted the Speed and the Performances of the TI-89 but with the price tag less than the TI-83 then go with the Casio model. It has a 15 MHZ CPU just like the TI-89 so you know you're getting a powerful Graphing Calculator here. :rolleyes:

    Casio FX-9860G video:
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