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Automotive What is a good linear actuator that has force feedback?

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    Where can I find one of these? That is, are there linear actuators where I can specify the force it should apply and it gives me back exactly how much force was applied? Are there any linear actuators that can do this and also give me position feedback, i.e., where my object is after it has been pushed? Why are these unpopular, when force feedback seems like such an obvious requirement? I want to be able to specifically control the force that my actuator applies to my object.
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    It will depend on your precision and accuracy requirements for the force measurement, typically this would achieved with a force transducer mounted to the linear actuator. In some cases (like with a DC servo motor) the electrical power & torque applied to the motor can be related to the force applied, but it will be confounded by the friction and backlash within the stage.
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    Maybe be more specific with your requirements of what you are trying to do. It certainly can be done. You are really looking for a controller that has dual feedback options. You are just looking for something specialty or custom is all.
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