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What is a good way to train for the USAPhO?

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    What is a good way to train for the USAPhO? I know doing a lot of problems is KEY, but I was wondering along the lines of the best books. I have Halliday and Resnick as well as University Physics (don't ask why >_>) so I was wondering if doing these books is enough to become a semi finalist. Although some input for beoming a physics team qualifier would be nice, but Bio and Chem are my stronger suits lol
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    well halliday and resnick is alright as its an introductory physics book for some first year courses in university, yet I never really liked it that much.

    However I loved Giancoli in high school, just because the explanations were so much better and the writing style was geared to piquing interest rather than making an interesting concept quite dull. I'd highly suggest putting some time into doing the problems at the back of Giancoli - and keep Haliday and Resnick as a reference book that may explain some concepts better.

    At the same time get an introductory college level Schaums outline for physics, and work through the solved problems there. This should really give you an upperhand and refine some concepts that you may have thought were already refined.

    Another great High School Book is:
    * Anderton
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    Halliday/Resnick is all you need to make the "team." I'd recommend doing some problems from past tests and other sources, too.
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