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What is a string theory?

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    What is a string theory hype anyway?
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    a string theory is a theory wherein the fundamental objects are 1-dimensional relativistic quantum strings, instead of the more traditional quantum field theory, where the fundamental objects are relatvistic quantum waves.

    the hype is that string theory may be able to unite gravity and quantum theory, which is the most important goal in modern theoretical physics today.
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    Re: Re: What is a string theory?

    wow... you sure don t have much to contribute.

    you know, sometimes the best thing you can add to a conversation is silence....
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    i take back what i said. you have so much to contribute. wow

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    Does math prove that the universe is not expanding but may be contracting and matter is imbedded in a membrane
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    maybe gravitons don't escape but as the universe expands it depletes the mass?
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    Re: Re: Re: What is a string theory?

    It's just a bot. Take a look at the Superstring theory boards to see some boards spammed by the same author.
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    Moduli in stringscape

    Are moduli in stringscape like metrics in general relativity because both determine the shape and size of spaces?
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    Here is some video to explain it better

    Here are some great videos that will explain string theory for you

    i had to watch them 2 times to get the full impact of Them... there are 24 episodes that total 3 hours. watch the episodes in order according to the hour that they are in. i love these episodes b/c they are a nova special

    Click here to see The Superstring Theory explained w/steaming video
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