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What is Applied Sciences in Engineering?

  1. Jan 2, 2012 #1
    Im trying to figure out which engineering I should do. Im doing a dual degree in physics and engineering. Im pretty much done with physics. I was going to do electrical engineering, but i dont think its right for me. Im thinking of doing civil engineering, but then i saw a degree in Applied Sciences in Engineering. I only need 30 credits for that vs 55 in civil. What can i do with the Applied Sciences in Engineering degree? Is it useless like a bachelors degree in physics or can i get a decent job with it? This is my 5th year of college so the sooner i finish the better lol
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    it's hard to say without looking at the program, you may want to look at an engineering discipline that will award an ABET accredited (engineering) degree if you are looking to work in industry.
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    hmm, well this is what it says on the college site
    http://www.soe.rutgers.edu/applied_sciences [Broken]
    i guess ill email the dean
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    Taken from the link you just provided: "Possible concentrations include: Packaging Engineering, Engineering Physics, and Biomedical Science". That alone illuminates the type of stuff you could be doing.
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    o ok thanks,
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