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What is BP Invigorate and What Makes It Different?

  1. Sep 2, 2009 #1
    I work at a BP and previously worked for an Exxon (for the same company) and they get gasoline delivered from Marathon Oil. Kroger gets the same gasoline delivered from Marathon (on the same route) and I have also seen the Marathon fuel truck at a Texaco and Shell station. I know BP has Invigorate and Shell has Techron?? They all have something different it seems...with the exception of ethanol which they all have.

    Anyway, since they are delivered on the same route by the same person and company how can all these gasolines really have that "special" ingredient? Are they saying Kroger gasoline has Invigorate and/or Techron? I am asking because I just don't understand the claims the gasoline companies make in regards to this matter.
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    The addition is just a detergent - to clean oil residue from the engine.
    The fuel company adds them to the tanker.

    The energy content of the fuel is the same - and is very carefully regulated.
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