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What is embedded computing system

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    I don't understand what is meaning of embedded computing system design
    embedded system is combination of hardware and software that perform some specific task
    does embedded system and embedded computing system is different things ?
    Q what is embedded system design process ?
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    hi vead

    did you bother to google your question ?

    I got 100's of hits when I did, go have a look for yourself :smile:

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    I just want to confirm both embedded system and embedded computing system are same are different
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    and did you do some research to see if they were ?
    what did you find ?

    as you have been told several times on the other forum, you really need to start learning to do research on your own.
    If you find something in your research you don't understand THEN ask a relevant question and post the link to that information so we all can see what you don't understand

    We are not here to spoon feed you the answers, OK :smile:

    When I was at university, google etc didn't exist. I used to spend hours and hours in the science library doing research on topics I wanted to learn about for my studies.

    These day's all you need to do is type a few words into google, it really is quite easy :smile:

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    sorry but I am not asking whole question what is embedded system I think both are same but I want to confirm that I am correct

    I have another doubt
    both embedded software and embedded program are different
    I think both are different
    software - we need to develop embedded program
    embedded program - sequence of instruction written to perform specific task
    embedded program written in language like c assembly
    program has executable form
    source code may be converted into binary code by compiler
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    Thread locked. Feel free to start a new thread after you googled this question and tell us what you found.
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