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What is excursion of a potential well?

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    What is "excursion" of a potential well?

    I think it means maximum depth of the well, but I've never heard this term before and I might be wrong. I don't have much of a quantum mechanics background.

    I'm reading and implementing "Solution of the Schrodinger Equation by a Spectral Method" by Feit et al. They refer to delta_V as the "maximum excursion" of the potential. I interpret this to mean "minimum" of the potential, but my interpretation does not match up with the numbers they provide at the end.

    EDIT: If someone could just give me the relation between the maximum depth of a potential well and the bandwidth of the energy spectrum that would solve it for me.

    EDIT2: Time independent Hamiltonian.
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    Re: What is "excursion" of a potential well?

    My offhand interpretation would be to assume it was the difference between the maximum and the minimum of V.
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    Re: What is "excursion" of a potential well?

    Yeah, that's what I think as well. But it's not lining up so I'm confused.
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    Re: What is "excursion" of a potential well?

    Yeah, it looks like "maximum excursion" means max(V) - min(V). They must have a typo in their paper, which is upsetting as it's J comp. physics and has ~1000 citations.
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