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What is Hydrocyanic pressure ?

  1. Jun 6, 2012 #1
    What is Hydrocyanic pressure ???


    What is Hydrocyanic Pressure .. It was used when rating a Filter Housing...i would not have a clue so hopefully someone can give a explanation please


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    Re: What is Hydrocyanic pressure ???

    Um...Hydrostatic pressure would be used to rate a piping/filter system.

    Hydrocyanic Acid may be something used in the filtration process, but I have never heard of it having it's own type of pressure. I'd say it was either supposed to be hydrostatic, or else someone is indicating that the volume of hydrocyanic acid is under a certain pressure.
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    Re: What is Hydrocyanic pressure ???

    in the housing energy trade we use hydrostatic pressure considering ground water perculating thru a slab or concrete wall.

    in your filter HOUSING hydrocyanic pressure may be the rating that the molecules of plastic
    can take before the material allows perculation thru the housing.

    Just a guess...

    some solids are only solid to the eye, it's all based on the atomic structure and their bonds
    I suppose... Density is a wonderful thing LOL
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