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What is it like doing a theoretical physics PhD?

  1. Feb 25, 2016 #1
    I am thinking of doing a theoretical physics PhD but i am worried about my knowledge on the subject. I am predicted at a first class degree. But i must honestly say i am not one of these prodigy types. I have to read over things a lot of the time and more often than not i will forget simple things which i have to look over again.

    Can anyone who has done a theoretical physics phd in any physics topic advise me on is this a good idea to do given what i have told you about myself? And what you do as a student in a phd? As i am worried i get accepted somewhere but be very diappointing because i dont know something i should or find it difficult.
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    I'm not a "theoretical" physicist, but one of the best ways to figure this out for yourself is to try to get involved with a research project that's similar to what you would like to pursue in graduate studies.

    Book/course work and research are two different animals. And while there's a strong correlation between success in both, it's not always perfect. Reading things carefully thoroughly and taking time to understand them is a strength.

    You might also want to see if you can talk to some current graduate students in your own department.
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