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Fortran What is meaning of (5,*), (6,*)and (*,*) in Fortran ?

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    Dear Members,

    Why The characters "(5,*)" should appear after every READ and the characters "(6,*)" after every WRITE ? What is the use of "(*,*)" that can appear with either the READ or WRITE statements.

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    Filecode 5 was historically the standard card input for fortran and filecode 6 was for output to the printer.

    Later 5 became read from the terminal device and 6 to write to the terminal device which then became using * as meaning read from or write to the terminal device. The second * is for a free form format for the day being read or written.
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    I think you mean 'the data being read or written.'
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    Thank you jedishfu for your prompt response. I just found the explanation for (*,*). If one wishes to use the write statement to write a statement to the default output, the syntax is write(*,*). SO the thread is closed now
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    Yeah thanks SteamKing I am sometimes a victim of the overzealous spell checker on my iPad and I often forget to check back because I know what I typed.
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