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What is second oxide in a glass system?

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    is [(TeO2)70(B2O3)30]1-x(CuO)x a binary oxide glass?
    What is the definition of second oxide? Is the second oxide for the above glass is CuO??
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    I'd rather say the second oxide it is B2O3. As long as x is very small, it would call it a doped binary oxide glass or the like. However if x is of the order of 1, then it is a ternary glass.
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    I've been making glass and observe their optical properties from range of x=0.1 to x=0.3. So that would make CuO the second oxide, and thus binary glass?
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    Claude Bile

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    I would say that the Te and B oxides are the binary oxides as they would be the network formers; Cu most likely acts as a network modifier; that is, it exists to perturb the ratio of O to Te and B without "participating" in the covalent bond network.

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