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What is the average day of an Engineer?

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    I am interested in going into engineering. I enjoy literally using the scientific method to solve my problems in my life, I also have a knack for creativity and enjoy doing things efficiently.

    My problem is that, I still do not have an appropriate level of understanding or conception of what an engineer actually does. I am currently doing research to find out. I decided to ask this question here to gain some of your personal experiences and perspectives and to also potentially have a dialogue!

    So, what is your story or daily activities? What do you think the main thing someone should know before entering this career? Any, maybe perhaps blaring advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you smart people! You guys are definitely my heroes!
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    "Engineeer" is SUCH a broad term that I doubt there's any meaningful answer to your question. The only thing I can say for sure is that if the engineer has been at it for at least a few years, his day will include at least one meeting. :smile:
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    Okay, thanks for the information, I guess I should reiterate my question to, what can you do with engineering skills?

    I am guessing, you can pretty much do anything you see within society and more? That actually makes me quite excited.
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