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What is the best model to explain metal cutting?

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    When I ask for the best I mean the one which explains better the experiments.

    My problem is that I tried to learn but I´m a bit confused, I know that metal cutting theory has a large history, and it has had a lot of experimentation but when I try to find the theory it´s like it wouldn´t exist a model which explains every kind of situation (different materials, geometries...)

    I mean Merchant proposed in 1941 a model, but it was not realistic and it didn´t agree with experimental data, there have been a lot of attempts to modify this theory in order to eliminate the problem but I don´t know if it has been achieved.

    I have read Victor Astkhov´s website and he criticizes a lot of models.

    I´m not going to classes so I´m alone at this, I only have internet. Anybody could show a general picture about the "state of the art" in metal cutting theory?.

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    Metal Cutting Principles : Shaw : Oxford University Press

    You should be able to order it through interlibrary loans.
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    Thank you for your answer, I´ll try to buy it.
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