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What is the best way to make 3D animations

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    i am 3D Artist and create 3D visualizations like this. Now I want generate a 3D animation about science fiction like star wars.

    Can I create a 3D animation about Star wars or I need a licence of lucasarts. Thanks.
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    If you use Star Wars as a template for characters or stories you will need the permission of the copyright owner. Depending on your purpose (college project, private use or public distributions) you might get different answers if you ask, but in any case you should ask. E.g. there is an animated Star Trek series which counts as a part of the franchise, so it also fell under the copyright rules. This isn't different for other copyright protected contents.
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    I'm not sure if you want to know about what kind of software will be necessary, but if so,
    you might want to take a look at the popular 3D Animation software 'Unity'.
    There are others too, but this one has an almost fully featured free version for noncommercial users.
    (You can always upgrade to the paid for version if you do want to use it for commercial purpose.)

    One thing you will quickly realise is that there is a lot more involved than just animation software,
    You will also need to be familiar with other software, particularly packages for creating 3D models,
    however there are sources for pre-built models, some of them free, (useful for landscape items like trees, or standard room features such as doors)
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    Impressive videos.

    In addition to Unity, there is Blender (also free) and Maya (not free, very expensive).
    Maya is from Autocad, which I have heard has some new licensing system (which I don't really understand), but may be free in certain circumstances.
    Both of these have been used in movie productions, Maya more so.
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    I like Blender. Very feature rich and lots of hot keys. Of course, that gives it a steeper learning curve than most.
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