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What is the difference between 2d Autocad drawings and 3d Autocad drawings

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    I want to know this information, Im going to study autocad, my friends are telling to learn how to do 2d and then go for 3d , what is so special in 3d AUTOCAD drawings, anyone here in this forum can explain it.
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    AutoCAD's 3D is pretty archaic. The 2D is pretty simple to understand. Lines. That's about it. In their version of a 3D model, you can simply extrude your lines from the working plane to some other. It's non paramteric and not very easy to use. Honestly, I applaud you learning 2D first, but don't waste your time with AutoCAD for 3D. You can get a bit of a feel if you use Inventor or Mechanical Desktop (if it still exists) but I would recommend something along the lines of Pro/E or Solidworks for your 3D learning.
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