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Homework Help: What is the difference between Vrrm and Vrm

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    I know peak inverse voltage is the maximum amount of voltage can block, and that it is the maximum value on the negative cycle of the sine wave. But what is the difference between maximum reverse voltage and maximum repetitive reverse voltage? What does the repetitive imply? Does the former mean the maximum voltage that can be blocked in single wave?
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    The device can block the maximum reverse voltage just once (and probably only for short time). After that has happened, the device may be damaged so it does not meet the rest of its specification.

    The maximum repetitive reverse voltage can be blocked repeatedly, any number of times, without causing any damage.

    For a rectifier, the normal operating voltage should be less than Vrrm. Usually, Vrm is only relevant if there is a fault, for example if there was a lightning strike that hit the mains power supply and caused a voltage spike.
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    Thanks. That explains it very well.
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