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Homework Help: What is the efficiency of the engine?

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    f an engine must do 500 joules of work to pull a 10 kg load up to a height of 4 meters, what is the efficiency of the engine?

    So that's

    which gives me 0.008

    Does that mean the efficiency is 8%?
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    where did you get your numbers from?



    None of this makes any sense.
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    Work done: 10kg*9.8N/kg*4=appx 400J

    efficience= work done/500 * 100
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    400J is not correct, please write down the correct numerical value.

    Your second line is not correct.

    efficiency = work needed ideal/ work actually required

    It is always less than one.
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    Okay for my first line, I got 24.5

    and I don't know how I'm messing up on my second line. ??
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    where are you getting these number from?

    You need to start showing me your work and not just some random numbers you are calling approximations.
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    Bluemoon : Please write down the equations before plugging in numbers.
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