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What is the hybridization of C in R - N=C=O

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    R - N=C=O is the isocyanate group.

    I have been trying to use a molsym program and it requires that value as input? The starting value is important. Thanks for any info.
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    The carbon is sp-hybridized.
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    Well, thanks for the response but I cannot decide whether you are simply guessing or not. Do you have any reason that supports your response? Thanks
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    Carbons bound to two atoms and containing no lone pairs are sp hybridized.
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    Pi bonds are made by sharing the unhybridized p-orbitals. Carbon in this case has two double bonds, containing one pi bond each, while also having two sigma bonds - one with Nitrogen and the other with Oxygen. Therefore, the hybridization is sp with 2 unhybridized p orbitals.
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