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I What is the maximum size of a Quantum Dot?

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    What is the maximum size of a Quantum Dot? What are the limits of the size of the quantum dots? At what size do we stop calling a Quantum Dot a Quantum Dot?
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    Is this homework?

    There is no fundamental limit, and naming schemes are always arbitrary.
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    no it is not homework. I think we stop naming a quantum dot a quantum dot when it exceeds the size of the Exciton Bohr Radius. The nomenclature of quantum dot had arisen when its size is in the same order as a Exciton Bohr radius. I wonder what we would call it when we reach to smaller sizes...
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    What would have happened if this was a hw question? I just wanted to keep in check what I could post on this website. :D
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    The source of my info came from

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    If it had been a homework question very likely this thread would have been closed and you would have been told to

    1) put your question in the homework section
    2) use the homework template
    3) show some work

    Possibly a moderator would have moved the thread to a homework section but not likely since you showed no work.
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    Thank you for elucidating on these details!
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    I'd suggest you read all of the forum rules. This is one of the few forums on the internet where they are really taken seriously.
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