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What is the origin of mass(both fermions and bosons)?

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    Please teach me this:
    What is the origin of mass of both fermions and bosons?Is it correct that the origin is the spontanious broken symmetry of Higgs Field?(I know that Higgs mechanism is the origin of mass of vector boson W and Z in weak interaction).
    Thank you very much for your kind helping.
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    Yes, in the context of the standard model this is exactly the origin of all masses. The Higgs field is decomposed as "vacuum expectation value + fluctuation"; the vacuum expectation value couples to all fields and induces mass terms; the fluctuations are interpreted as particles (which are hopefully identified at LHC).
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    We don't, of course, know for sure whether this is actually correct yet - the SM is exactly what it says on the tin, namely a model.

    The way the SM derives weak vector boson masses is convincing and matches experiemental results very well, but it's less clear whether or not the extension of Higgs interactions to the leptons and quarks is the right theory.
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