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Homework Help: What is the parallel-component of the weight

  1. Mar 12, 2007 #1
    A 50 kg trunk rest on a ramp at 18 degrees. What is the parallel-component of the weight?
    a. 15.5 N
    b. 47.6 N
    c. 151 N
    d. 466 N

    So far I got:
    I used the formula Fgx = W sin 0.

    Fgx= -(490 N) sin(18)
    My answer was 368, as you see it is not one of the choices. Am i leaving out a step or am I not finished with the problem. Can someone clarify please thanx.
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    You are computing the sine of 18 radians, not 18 degrees.
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    Oh ok so the answer would be C
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