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Homework Help: What is the period of oscillation?

  1. Jul 3, 2012 #1
    A mass of 361 grams is hung from the bottom of a vertical spring and the spring stretches 64.3 cm. The hanging mass is removed, and the spring is placed horizontally on a frictionless table. One end of the spring is held fixed and the other end is attached to a 649 gm mass. The 649 gm mass is then pulled to a distance of 64.3 cm and released from rest. What is the period of oscillation of this mass/spring system?

    Just starting these types of SHM problems. How do I go about solving this?
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    (Does this one belong in the homework forums?)

    You have enough information here to calculate the spring constant of the spring; and once you know the spring constant you can calculate the period of oscillation on frictionless horizontal table for any given mass.
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    Sorry, and thanks for your help. How do I solve for the spring constant?
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    You know both the force applied to the spring from the hanging mass as well as the extension.
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    Ok, so I get k = 5.50 from F = kx

    Then use T = 2pi*sqrt(m/k)

    What is gm as a unit of mass?
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    Fairly sure it means gram.
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    This is really very simple, please read your text.
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    So by using T = 2pi * sqrt(m / k) where m = 0.649kg and k = 5.5, I get T = 2.15

    Look good? Thanks so much for your help
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