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Homework Help: What is the power of the weightlift?"

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    Hey. I had a test today. In every test, my teacher puts some questions in where people can get extra marks. The questions involve things we have yet to cover, so usually people wont answer them.

    Heres one of the questions:

    "A weightlifter lifts a weight of 202kg to a height of 2.7m above the ground. He does this in 1.7 seconds. What is the power of the weightlift?"

    I wasnt 100% sure, but i remembered some formulas i had learnt in previous years, and chucked some things together. What i did was:

    E_p = mgh \cr
    = (202)(9.8)(2.7) \cr
    = 5344.92J \cr
    P = \frac{E}{t} \cr
    = \frac{{5344.92}}{{1.7}} \cr
    = 3144.07W \cr}

    Not sure if its even close to being right, but it was worth a try atleast. Could someone please tell me what i should have done.

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    From what is know of, it is correct
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    Ooh. That would be really good :)

    Thanks for replying.
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