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What is the present, how long does it last?

  1. May 3, 2014 #1
    According to relative theory and quantum physics, what is the present moment? How long does it last?

    What is the meaning of the present tense that human feel in the sense of quantum/ relative physics? Is that we are seeing the Plank time moment to moment?
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    I think "present" is a word in the English language that is not well suited to physics other than to say that it is a "point" in time (having zero duration) just like a "point particle" has no dimensions in space.

    As to your question about "... Plank time moment to moment?" I'm not really sure how you mean that. We have no evidence one way or the other as to whether or not time is discrete and if it DOES turn out to be discrete, what the "quantum" of time might be. I've heard discussions saying that it certainly would be much less than one Plank time.
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    discretization of space-time is problematic because it violates Lorentz invariance.
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    This is not a question that science attempts to answer. This question currently belongs in the realm of philosophy than actual physics. Thus I'm going to lock this thread.
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