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What is the use of mutable keyword in cpp?

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    how does mutable keyword functions in cpp.
    what are it's applications.
    do using 'mutable' keyword is preferable?.
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    A Google search for "C++ mutable" gave me this as the first hit:


    The first part of this page is a rant about misuse of "mutable." To see what it should actually be used for, scroll down to the part that begins with

    I've never used "mutable" myself, but I remember reading about it once or twice before.

    Some of the other pages in that Google search might also be useful.
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    In most places it's highly unpreferable. It's usually a sign of a bad design. Many organizations make mutable a forbidden keyword. Programmers can still use it *if* they get a waiver to that rule. To obtain that waiver they need to have a very good reason why they need to use that keyword.

    One common usage is for a mutex. If a waiver is needed, it's almost automatic in the case of a mutex. But then they'll poke deep into your code to see if you are using the mutex properly. They'll question why you need to be thread-safe, since the project already does that for you. They'll look to see if your code is subject to deadlock and priority inversion.
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