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What is the value of perspective in number ?

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    I wanna know, the value of perspective in exact number.
    Like how much is the angular convergence between two points

    A. Camera ----------------------------------------------------------- Building B.

    In the above how much would building converge, and what would be the size, when viewed at point A.

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    Your question is much too vague. Your object has to have some size in order to subtend an angle. If building B has height h, and the distance from camera A is x, then the angle between the base of B and top of B, as seen from camera A, is arctan(h/x). Is that what you are asking?
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    So, you mean it would change as per the distance between eye(camera) and the view(building) ?

    But what is the answer, if i replace the building with horizon ? How would i know the distance of horizon from my eye ?

    Nevermind.. got it here :

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