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What is your favourite classical piece?

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    I am interested to know everyones favourite piece of classical music! I am a hopeless musician, but i love listening to classical music whilst i do mathematics, its like transcending to another plane of existance.
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    I like most flamenco, but only some baroque classical if that counts.
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    Chi Meson

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    Easy answer:
    The Goldberg Variations, JS Bach, as performed by Glen Gould, 1981.

    I've learned to play the Aria plus 10 out of the 30 variations (not the first 10); it's neat that I am able to pick out the mistake in this ^^^ recording!
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    Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 2 conducted by Seiji Ozawa.
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    There's so much of it, how can I pick just one? :cry:

    Oh well, here's one of my all-time favorites, ever since I discovered Leonard Bernstein's recording of it in my college's library about forty years ago. This one is by Herbert Blomstedt and the San Francisco Symphony:


    Go on to the other three movements, also.

    For a more mainstream favorite, I've listened to Mozart's clarinet concerto several times in the last few days:

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    I'd like to discover more classical music. I pick my way through things from time to time but I rarely find a piece that I connect with. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy the soundtrack to The Pianist (and the movie is great too :P), so I like Chopin.

    This one is quiet and beautiful. :)

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    That's a tough question... I really enjoy Beethoven's symphonies, Number 7, movement 2 and Number 5, movement 1 really stick out in my mind as being particularly awesome. If I were to choose from those two, I would have to choose symphony 5, movement 1.
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    Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8
    In order to fully appreciate its depth, you need to know a little bit of context.

    First of, if you think you do not know Shostakovich, actually you do :

    maybe not the best example, but this composer is in the Pantheon of XXth century music and his influence reaches well beyond classical music.

    The particular quartet I refer to here is so tormented, it is almost unbearable, and the thing is, it is genuine. Every time I feel down, I can listen to this quartet, and remind myself that while this guy was lower than I can ever fear to be, he produced a genius masterpiece, in merely three days.

    At the beginning of the third movement, there is a delightful little dance with the devil.
    6OtqABpuV-s[/youtube] At the begin..._Dmitri_Shostakovich_and_Joseph_Stalin]Stalin
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    I haven't listened to these in a while. thx for reminding me :smile:


    OIiU2-JyqsE[/youtube] [MEDIA=you...:approve: [MEDIA=youtube]slDPM7kBkCg[/MEDIA]
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    Bach WTC Book I, Prelude I, C major.
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    So much to do, yet I spend two hours trying to take a decision, I almost posted and then reconsidered. Best classical music heritage is Schubert's Unfin...... no, Beethoven violin concerto (and some 50 more works). Here is the third movement.

    But maybe I reconsider later.
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    This one.
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    I'd go with The "Hungarian Rhapsody 2" -Franz Liszt (truly the work of a genius), "Without a Father" - Ernesto Cortazar and "Elegie" - Rachmaninoff
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    I can only speak for myself. But, for me Bach can only be listened to in small doses. After a while just makes me feel like a bag of bones.
    Favourite of all time.
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    even stuff like this makes you feel like a bag of bones? :frown:




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    Oh no, I meant anything played by an organ from Bach is terrifying to say the least. The order, the precision. You could never live up to those standards. God knows what kind of perfectionist Bach must have been.
    But, there are some pieces that I cherish:

    Btw, you have a great taste in Bach. Impeccable.
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    Also from his bag

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