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What kind of image processing techniques are needed?

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    Hi, all

    I have recently faced with an abstruse problem in image processing.

    So, I would like to ask somebody's advice.

    There are two images below; one is original and the other is an impaired original image.

    I need to reconstruct the impaired original image as like the original, and also need to find out the center of gravity on the impaired image.

    I have excogitated simple morphological processes such as dilation and erosion, but it was not enough.

    Though this is a task to be solved by myself, I would like to share and discuss about this problem.

    Can anybody give me a direction?
    Original image
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    I have removed the links, as they would not load. Tah, please provide links that will actually load.
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    please check these links on image processing, i think it will load and help you process all kinds of image.
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