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What kind of mental illnesses does this fall under?

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    What are the medical explanations for those who are allegedly possessed? I just read the CNN news above.

    In our age when our science is nearly complete where it shows our universe is only nuts and bolts and flesh and blood and reports like that have to be forwarded to mental institutions where the patients should be chained forever, any clue what kinds of mental aberrations can produce it?

    I also know some people who allegedly possessed.. we either still them with so much tranquilizers or lock them in mental institutions. Knowing cause of the exact syndrome can make us identity the mechanism and gives more effective drugs to make them more passive.
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    The idea of possession is a religious belief, not a biochemical situation.
    Medications might calm people, but it doesn't fix the problem that they are deluded,
    They need to be convinced that really there are no ghosts.
    I have seen one very successful result from a person, my partner in fact, who made the decision to 'forget history', and start again.
    She chose to cease taking daily 'anti-psychotic' drugs, (in effect prescribed by her father, via the family doctor).
    Now she is increasingly happy with life, as a visual artist, without spooks controlling her thoughts.
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    Fervent Freyja

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    Many mental illnesses or neurological issues could be involved here. If a personality disorder is involved then it would be more likely to be from the A or B cluster, someone suffering from a C cluster might hide any events like that. Some traits of a person experiencing possession might be: paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, panic, pathological lying, cognitive dissociation, psychosis, hysteria, or anxiety with histrionics (fear of being alone or abandonment). There could also be a medical cause where the person has no mental illness, such as brain trauma or a neurological condition, but experiences an event where they believe they are being possessed. I would say they would seek medical treatment before calling an exorcist.
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